My intentions present in my work are to think about human consumptive habits, especially meat related. How the meat industry operates in a fast paced, cheap way. Also, the convenience for people to tune out this large industry that creates pollution, land deterioration and other destruction to the environment. We go to the store and buy packaged meat without stopping to think where it came from or what it once was. While I intend to make work that is beautiful and alluring, I seek to subvert these qualities in the work, causing people to stop and think about their choices in life. I draw them in with beauty but once they are closer, they see the horrors that occur in the food production world. The harm and agony these animals endure so they can be slaughtered for humans to eat is a terrifying and cruel process. This industry is unethical and my art is meant to provoke thought for the viewer and educate them on what is really going on; less of telling people what to do, but more of informing. I believe that art is a way to tell the truth and generate empathy towards what is happening in the world through creative practice.